Los Angeles has been one of the top places I’ve been wanting to visit and finally my wish came true! The whole California lifestyle seems right up my alley: laid-back, filled with sunshine, and hidden gems found around every corner. It also happens to be the second largest city in the US and (unfortunately) number one for worse traffic in the country. Another cool fact is that one in six of LA’s residents has a creative job, but many work in fields other than film and TV such as fashion, art, architecture, design, music, literature and theatre. In other words, LA is one of the world’s most creative cities. Coming from Seattle and all the rain, first thing we did was head over to Venice Beach to bask in the sun. Since the city is dominated by the entertainment industry, we thought we’d experience it from backstage and check out Jimmy Fallon show! That was pretty cool, and we got our one second of fame. My absolute favorite part of the trip was visiting The Beverly Hills Hotel. I am such a sucker for cute, chic interior, and that hotel is exactly that! We enjoyed a nice, overpriced brunch and took about a thousand photos there. Griffith Observatory is cool if you want to see LA from a distance. After spending 3 days in LA, we drove down to San Diego. It’s a lot more calm compared to LA, which was nice. We hung at La Jolla beach with some seals, ate some bomb tacos and visited Balboa Park! Last day of the trip we spent cruising along Malibu in some flashy cars (no shame) to complete our SoCal experience. Definitely one trip for the books.